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Haunted Casino

Haunted Casino
Platform: Saturn
Publisher: Societa Daikanyama
Year: 1996
Game: Adventure, Cards, Casino
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4

This is a weird one. With a name like "Haunted Casino", you would think you were either playing cards with ghosts or investigating paranormal activity in Las Vegas, but instead, you enter a mansion in an environment kind of like The 7th Guest where a comical-looking bat demon plays host to you. You wander the mansion, looking for keys and trying to avoid traps, before going into rooms where tables have been set up for you to play against various demon-girls. When you run them out of money, they call the weird bat-demon over to make their clothes disappear, and ultimately, you... have sex with them? No, you banish them into playing cards. Just what I was thinking of doing.

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