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Sutorippu!'s 3-year Anniversary Special!

Sutorippu! has been on the web for 3 years now. It's grown, and continues to grow, introducing hentai game fans old and new to the joys of datsui-geimu. Our site team has fluctuated in size, but our fanbase continues to grow. As the Webmaster of this site, I can say I'm proud that we've achieved what we have so far, but our work is far from done. In fact, it never will be done.

As a tribute to this occasion, here are some artwork samples sent in by our friends whose artistic talents none of us can hope to match.

Limone Ren: 3-year Anniversary artwork

Limone Ren, moe artist and owner of Lemon Biscuit, drew and designed this graphic for us. He has also done a few variations that can be used as desktop backgrounds! (Each link opens in a new tab/window.)


But wait, there's more! Hihiru, NamakemonoX and Kiyora Kana of CFNM doujin group Fetish★Fairy and CFNM Bravo have collaborated on this image to commemorate 3 years of Sutorippu! as well! Click the icon to look and see.

Fetish★Fairy: 3-year Anniversary artwork

Special thanks to all the artists who contributed to this celebration! We hope to keep Sutorippu! running for many more years.

Other Gifts

Oppai OJ by Morgan Meryl

Morgan Meryl drew this impromptu art to help the Webmaster get over a throat infection. Follow her on Twitter to see if her commissions are open!