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Sutorippu! Ethics Policy

As much as we here at Sutorippu! like to joke around and be immature, we take the exposure, critiquing and history of these games quite seriously. We like to be trusted not only as a source of entertainment, however briefly, but also as an informational archive and a source about a genre of gaming that has its place in games history. As such, here are the ethical policies to which we aspire.

Reviewing Assets and Promotional Materials

Sutorippu! is open to requesting and receiving software and hardware for the purposes of previewing, reviewing, or publishing editorial or historical content. All hardware received, if not purchased by us, will be returned to the provider once the article and/or video related to the item(s) has been completed. All software and other media received from developers for review or archiving purposes (e.g. screenshots, videos) will be returned to the provider unless permission is expressly given to retain the items in our possession, and shall never be copied, distributed, refurbished, or reverse engineered without permission from the copyright owner(s).

Please note: The content of any reviews will always be the webmaster’s personal opinion and are not representative of the opinions of the gaming demographic as a whole.

Developer Relations

Sutorippu! does not accept monetary compensation from developers for reviews posted on, Youtube, or any other media outlet. Should a developer wish to have Sutorippu! review its work, all that is required is a copy of the material (game, anime, etc.). Games or anime sent to Sutorippu! free of charge by the developers, while appreciated, are still subject to the webmaster’s analysis and commentary as if the game were bought out of pocket. Media or hardware given to us for review purposes free of charge will not guarantee a positive review.

Conflicts of Interest

Sutorippu! aspires to disclose all possible conflicts of interest that may affect the objectivity of any review. In the course of this site’s history, Sutorippu! has made contact with many doujin circles, authors, artists and developers, and aims to keep a rapport with them; however, Sutorippu! will not knowingly publish any review or other editorial where a conflict of interest is present. If a conflict of interest is suspected and brought to our attention, and in our discretion it has been agreed upon that a conflict of interest is evident, the review shall be amended to reflect the existence of the conflict.


As an adult site, Sutorippu! realizes that fetishes are a personal matter and as such, not every individual is pleased by the same thing. We strive to clearly mark any game that contains fetish material that may offend some viewers with "Caveats". As a general rule, however, Sutorippu! does not post any images that contain the following material:

  • Guro/Ryona (mutilations, blood, abrasions, other images of torture and death presented in a sexual manner)
  • Scatology (depictions of feces as a fetish)

A game that contains this material may still be reviewed and/or archived, but with the offending imagery not present on its entry page.

Patronage (e.g. Patreon), Related Sites, and Other Donations

At this time, Sutorippu! does not participate in services that allow monetary donations. As an adult-oriented site, most patronage sites such as PayPal and Patreon do not allow for monetary donations to sites such as Sutorippu!, and we currently have no interest in pursuing other venues. Game and anime donations for the purposes of review, commentary and archival are encouraged.

Sutorippu! may, at its discretion, donate to other projects.


Sutorippu! uses ads served by third parties, subject to our review, with their own terms of service and policies. Ads that do not fit our interests or that may be harmful to our visitors will be removed. Sutorippu! does not participate in Google AdSense on the main site as per its terms of service. Any Youtube videos in which advertising has been enabled have been evaluated by Youtube to be suitable for monetization; otherwise, those videos that do not meet this criteria have been flagged as Age Restricted as per Youtube's community guidelines.

Affiliate Links

Sutorippu! may be compensated for clicks or sales originating from the use of affiliate links to certain sites. These links will take the viewer to a third-party site which hosts the game being advertised and/or reviewed. Although most links will be presented in plain sight with a banner link to the page upon which the user can purchase the game, some links may not be, in which case we mark them with a disclaimer indicating that the viewer will be visiting an affiliate link. While purchases using affiliate links are appreciated and help to support our site, they are not necessary to continue enjoying our content.