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Erotical Night

Erotical Night
Platform: Flash
Publisher: Ero Ero Ohkoku
Year: 2006
Game: RPG
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Anal, Bondage, Lolicon

Game screen 1 A lot of folks have asked us about this game. And since most everyone who frequents Ero Ero Ohkoku's site knows about it as well as their yakyuken game, it comes as no surprise. But a simple mention of Erotical Night really wouldn't be enough, since there's a lot more to the game than stripping a bevy of anime beauties in various cosplay outfits.

So, for those of you who don't know, Erotical Night is Ero Ero Ohkoku's sex RPG, starring a guy who travels the landscape in his boxers. Apparently, he's a sexual warrior trained byGame screen 1 an old master (there are a lot of closed doors here that I just don't wanna open) in preparation for the invasion of a succubus who enslaves the female population to their own desires, beginning with his girlfriend. In order to free them from the succubus' influence, he must bring them to orgasm. However, you don't simply j-j-jam it in and get it over with; the act has to begin by first stripping the girls before going to work, and the girls will try their own tricks to bring him off first. ... What, you're expecting it to make logical sense?

After the introductory match of organ-ized wrestling, you get a basic idea of how the game works in the battle of the sexes. (Yes, I'm enjoying my horrible puns.) You have menu choices as with a regular RPG, as to whether to strip, touch, kiss, or fuck the chick before you, and with a few of said options, there are sub-options of how to go about it. For example, you could lick her nipple or suck on it when kissing her exposed melons, or choose whether to thrust her quickly or slowly. With everything you do, or the girl does to you, however, your meter will increase, while the girl's meter will only increase with actions done to her. The idea is to keep your meter from reaching its peak before hers, or... well, you'll reach your peak before she does, and lose the battle. The girls also have options as to how to deal with you, but seem to be limited to either masturbating or orally stimulating you in terms of what they use to bring you off.

Game screen 3 For some reason, though, it takes more than one round of effort for the girls to tug your boxers off, as if freeing your Excalibur is a monumental task. At first, I wasn't sure what the point of this was. Obviously, your avatar isn't wearing a chastity belt, and there's no security system on your waistband. You also whip them off very quickly if you decide to go straight to banging the chick. Makes me wonder which of the two of you is more motivated. Also, in the sex battle scenes, your character has a transparent wire-frame look that amusingly reminds me of the arcade version of Punch-Out!. I realize that the idea is so that you see more of the girl and less of the guy's bony ass, but it's still a little weird.

Game screen 4As to the girls, in the first area in which you wander around, you face off against either a gymnast girl in buruma, or a goth-loli. Since the girls each have different outfits, they obviously have more to take off than you do, but the amount also varies. They also have different weaknesses you can exploit to push them a little further toward pure chewing satisfaction. However, this brings me to the one annoying part of the game. In order to get full credit for having defeated the girl, you have to bring her off. But the problem is, you only have a few rounds to do so before she runs away, meaning it takes several encounters before you even get her naked and get down to business. I guess it would also be tedious to have to go through the whole process with the same two girls in this area over and over again, but it still doesn't make much sense in my opinion.

Game screen 5 Anyway, even if the girls run away, you get money called "Ero". You get more if you make the girls pop, of course, but the Ero you earn is used to buy items in your girlfriend's sex toy shop. Yes, your girlfriend runs a sex shop. How fitting. You only start the game off with a few energy drinks (they aren't Powerthirst, since despite all the chicks you have to bang in this game, you won't be spawning 4000 babies), a battery, and your boxers. Here in the shop, you can buy sex toys like handcuffs that restrict the girls' movements, various lubes and creams, aphrodisiac candles, and "healing" energy drinks. This is another thing I find weird about the game; this poor guy is running around with a stiffy, banging various hot girls to try and make them achieve orgasm, but has to restrain himself from bursting the BURST the entire time. You even have the option of practicing your sex technique on your girlfriend in a back room of her shop. For free, even. I really hope that store also carries a remedy for blue-balls, because she's going to have a repeat customer if so. I guess maybe if you felt sorry for him, you could make the guy lose on purpose; there's no such thing as Game Over in this game, anyway.

Game screen 7As you might have gathered by now, the idea is to bang the chicks, get ero, buy more stuff, and rinse and repeat until you have the balls, so to speak, to go on to the next area. However, in the first little patch of land, it's advisable to stay away from the water, because a random encounter within is a mermaid loli in swimwear whose technique is enough to make you jizz in your pants if that were possible. As you progress, you meet new girls and buy new toys and codpieces ranging from loincloths to what looks like a Speedo retrofitted with pontoons. Upgrading your undies is essential, because it makes them harder for the girls to tug off, therefore giving you more time to get them off. This is really the gist of Erotical Night. The more amusing aspects of the game are the toys, the girls' outfits, and the fact that the save points are giant erect stone penises. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Game screen 5 So overall, Erotical Night is a pretty innovative blend of sex sim and RPG that actually lives up to its name. There are some flaws, but it currently has a reputation in the hentai gaming community as Ero Ero Ohkoku's masterpiece. At one time, the site offered a beta version of the game free for download, but the current official version is for sale on DLsite, which, depending on which half of the site you go to, is either the native Japanese version or a version translated to Engrish. Ero Ero Ohkoku also released a spin-off game that I haven't really played, but it can still be found on the creator's website. Even though the team here at Sutorippu! is officially on the fence as to whether this qualifies as a stripping game or too much of a sex game, I at the very least highly recommend Erotical Night.

This game is available from DLsite English! Follow the banner link for more info.