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Platform: PC
Publisher: StudioRAY
Game: STG
Difficulty: 4
Nudity: 4
Caveats: Bukakke

This is a game much like Shoot-Cream by the same circle, but with a little more complexity. You begin on a base, which is representative of the game's menu, where you can fund research and development projects, buy and sell weapons, and start missions. Unlike the other game, however, you can either act as a fixed gun or take a mobile vehicle into battle. The objective is to shoot down as many of the enemy craft as possible without getting destroyed, which can be a lot harder than it looks since enemies can swarm the screen and give you a constant torrent of bombs to deal with. As you destroy enemies, the clothes of the girl in the background are destroyed piece by piece. When she is naked, you can capture her and splooge on her in your prison cells. While the game offers difficulty settings, you can only really advance in the game if you're playing it on Normal mode or above, which is insanely difficult in and of itself.

This game is available from DLSite English! Follow the image link below for more info. Because this game is protected by Pirates Buster, we cannot show any of the images directly.

ECLAIR Completed: Trilogy

Or, purchase each volume individually if that's how you roll.

ECLAIR VOL1 Struggle in Europe ECLAIR VOL2 Conquest of Asia ECLAIR VOL3 Chaos World War