Welcome to Sutorippu!, a growing informational archive devoted only to one subject: Japanese video games whose rewards or penalties involve the progressive or total loss of clothing. No other country in the world seems to enjoy these more than Japan, as clothes-penalty games can be found on numerous consoles and see many incarnations in the form of arcade games. We will be attempting to update the site at least once or twice a month with new info and images from games we've found in this vein.

Games will be categorized according to game type, console, title, publisher, nudity, and difficulty. Some games may have content that's a little off the beaten path for some audiences, so they will be marked with "Caveats" to warn the casual viewer of their content. Note that some games may be cross-platform; they will be listed under each platform that we've found them to appear on, and we'll eventually list the screenshots from different systems. Really.

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Latest news

11/26/16 Many apologies for the numerous delays for this update. Only with the past Thanksgiving holiday week have I finally found time to play games and grab screenshots. The next Quickstrip and What's Coming Off are in the works.

This update, we also feature some new Nugi-chan artwork from Morgan Meryl and EroBotan, on top of 5 new game listings.

New games:

Arms Devicer*
Helvena Boukenki - The Maiden who is Present in the Abyss
Nana-chan no Kinjirareta Asobi
Viper Island

* - Available from DLsite English.

9/2/16 With Summer finally being over, it's back to business as usual. First, we've added some games to our Wanted Games list. Second, we're going back to our roots in this update with six games on retro PC platforms and arcade machines. Third, the latest episode of Quickstrip was released a while ago: a review of Sakura Dungeon by Winged Cloud.

New games:

Attack! Hiroko-chan
Faeries Residence
Mahjong Daiyogen
Night Gal
Pastel Gal
Miyuki the Shobushi

New videos:

Quickstrip - Sakura Dungeon

7/25/16 Apologies for the lack of update in June. Summer in this area means frequent storms, and I haven't really had time to sit and play boobie games. To make up for this, here's a nice chunk of an update. Five new games.

MaruBatsu DX
Pai Pai Ojanko
Shakuen no Kishi Akos Lily*

* - Available from DLsite English.

5/25/16 Another small site update after I spent some time down with a throat infection. In such time, we've made quite a few new acquisitions and I've acquired a new microphone for use in my videos... which I must soon build a noise cancellation box for.

Doki Doki Ofuro Time 2*
Street Mahjong 2

* - Available from DLsite English.

5/2/16 Small site update as I try to catch up on backlog. We must also announce, sadly, that the creator of Nugi-chan's first game, Colorful Pencil, has closed down his site due to RL obligations. As such, the "something nice" I promised months ago may in fact be cancelled. We wish him the best in his future endeavors, and have offered to host the games he made on our own site, though we can't say whether he will agree or not.

Mahjong Kyou Jidai Special II
Mahou no Mappo-chan*
The Plumber*

* - Available from DLsite English.

4/11/16 We commissioned DeadPhoenX to draw Nugi-chan cosplaying as Katsuragi from Senran Kagura, and he delivered! Check it out on our lavender-haired mascot's page.


3/21/16 Some new artwork has been added to Nugi-chan's page, to include a nifty 8-bit style drawing by Yoona90 and a couple of 3D recreations.


3/20/16 Meatspace obligations have kept me very busy the past few weeks, but here I am with a massive update. Nine new games!

Dora Dora Emotion
Himitsu no Odekake*
Indo no Ohime-sama Kabochabatake de Otsukumi
Konyamo Makezuni Powerful Ogeretsu Game
Mahou-shi Arle*
Magnolia:Zero - Schoolgirl Agent*
Rino-chan to Asobo Part 2
Ryojoku! Maid in Action*
Serafuku to Jukikanju - Chaingun of the Dead*

* - Available from DLsite English.

2/15/16 You know that "something nice" I promised weeks ago? It's been delayed due to a scheduling conflict, but we promise it will be live soon. In the meantime, we dug into our backlog and decided to lighten our load a bit. Eight new games.

New games:

Getoka Quest*
Golden Dream
OnaMai Bitch*
Mimi to Ecchi na Renkin Mahou*
Tsunagaru Dream*
Youjuu Wakusei*
Youjuu Wakusei 2*

* - Available from DLsite English.

1/25/16 Our first update for the new year. We will have something nicer for our viewers later in the week, but in the meantime, have six new games and an episode of What's Coming Off!

New games:

Doki Doki Card Battle - Semi Double
Fatal Class*
Japanese Cult Quiz Zipang
Kekkyoku Mattaku Kyuutaku Quiz
Semi Double II

New videos:

What's Coming Off - Episode 7: AwaAwa

12/27/15 Colorful Pencil have been kind enough to not only give us some new artwork of our mascot, Nugi-chan, but are also in the process of designing a yakyuken game in which she will star! Will there be other games starring our mascot, you might be asking? ... Who knows?

12/23/15 Four new games this time. We'd like to take the time to encourage our viewers to pay particular attention to the games Bubble Star and Yakyuken - Strip Showdown. These are two series of games designed by Colorful Pencil, whose artist is also responsible for the girls of the game AwaAwa by Pop Beat. Their site is best viewed in Chrome; scroll down past the Amazon links to see the games. You can also follow them on Twitter if you like their artwork and want to see more!

We'd also like to wish all of our viewers a heartfelt (and boob-felt) Happy Holidays. Thanks for another year of providing you entertainment of a questionable value to society and gaming history.

Bubble Star
Cozumi World
Virtual Mahjong
Yakyuken - Strip Showdown

11/30/15 Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving (if you live in the US, that is!). We're finally back, with 5 new games! I've also made a new Quickstrip, featuring the game EroJanken from the UK-based developer AzureZero.

We'd also like to announce our new affiliate partnership with the hentai game site Nutaku!. We'd like to encourage all of our visitors to follow our links, create an account, and try some of the games there! Here are some of the games we recommend. We'd also like to ask all of our viewers to please disable their Adblock software when visiting this site.

(Disclosure: These are all affiliate links. By clicking on them and signing up, you are helping to support our site with a small compensation. But we wouldn't be recommending these games if we didn't think they were enjoyable. All recommended links are based solely on the games we've played and are presented in no particular order.)

Dragon Tactics: Memories
Angelic Saga
Girls Kingdom
Osawari Island

New games:

Nucha Force
Peach Card
Tonde! Yui*
Waku Waku Block Kuzushi 3


Quickstrip - EroJanken

* - Available from DLsite English.

10/31/15 We hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween, or Samhain if you prefer. I'd like to personally apologize for a lack of update this month. The system that we play these games on primarily decided to have a motherboard failure last month, and I've been having bad luck repairing it since then given faulty parts and fatigue. We expect to have it fixed by midweek, in which I plan more videos, a full review, and yes, more games to list.

9/1/15 Have some new videos! Featuring the freshly-restored Chi's Sweet Home video after a victory for Fair Use.

Sutorippu! Peeks At Shabon-dama Tonda?!
Quickstrip: Aisha's Poker
Chi's Sweet Home in 5 Seconds
What's Coming Off - Episode 6: UFO

8/31/15 Three games. I will follow this update tomorrow with a few new videos. ^_^

Girls, Be Monster!*
Heavens School
Little Witch Dream*

* - Available from DLsite English.

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